LSWA Documents

LSWA Response Letter to Merrill Pond Dam Removal Project (23-Mar-2017)
Board of Directors send detailed concerns on behalf of LSWA concerning the "Merrill Pond Dam Removal & Rehabilitation" project. 
15642 - Merrill Pond Wildlife Management Area Dam Removal and Rehabilitation Project  
Commonwealth of Massachusetts Environmental Notification Statement.
2014 Singletary Lake Management Plan
Updated lake management guide
Lake Singletary Bathymetric Map
Map showing the various depths of Lake Singletary.
Lake Singletary Water Quality Testing Locations
This map provides water sampling locations for our Water Quality Program.
Lake Singletary Water Quality Data
Complete data set (since 1994)for Secchi, Dissolved Oxygen, pH, Alkalinity, Chlorophyll, and Phosphorus.
Lake Singletary Water Quality Charts 
Complete set of Charts (since 1994) for Secchi, Dissolved Oxygen, pH, Alkalinity, Chlorophyll, and Phosphorus.
Dissolved Oxygen, pH, and Temperature Data
Complete data set (since 1998) for Dissolved Oxygen and Temperature.
2003 Storm Drain Upgrade Project Data
TP and TSS data before and after the Storm Drain Upgrade Project.
Singletary Road Storm Drain Plan
Layout  and plan of storm drains along Singletary Road
1995 Singletary Lake Management Plan 
This report documents the findings of the Singletary Lake Management Plan. The goal was to identify the management needs for Singletary Lake, analyze alternatives, and then develop a recommended management plan tailored specifically for Singletary Lake.
2005 Lake Singletary Dam Assessment Report
The primary objective was to observe the existing condition of the dam and address deficientcies identified during the inspection.
1991 Lake Singletary Diagnostic Study
This report provides a description of the watershed, and the physical characteristics of the lake. monitoring and sampling results. the current nutrient loading to the lake and the trophic state (level of eutrophication) of Singletary Lake.
2000_Lake Singletary Waste Water Facilities Plan 
The purpose of this study is to develop a 20-year, wastewater collection and management plan.  The goal is to develop a plan to help reduce contaminant loading to Lake Singletary, while complying with Massachusetts Title 5 regulations
2001 Stockwell Ponds Tributary Study2001 Stockwell Ponds Study Lab Results 
This report documents the existing conditions and the development of management strategies focusing on the maintenance and improvement of the Stockwell Ponds nutrient reducing function and capabilities.
2015 Lake Singletary By-Laws 
Association By-Laws regulate the internal practices and procedures of associations by defining the relations, rights and duties of the members, and the powers, duties and limitations of the officers and directors.
Lake Singletary Well Survey Form
Lake Singletary Watershed Association Well Survey Form.
Lake Singletary Membership Form
Lake Singletary Watershed Association Memebrship Form.