Welcome to Lake Singletary Watershed Association


Spring is finally upon us. After more than a few early teasers, consistent seasonal temperatures have prevailed and are heading us towards the most active season on the lake. 

Our spring is heralded by visiting migratory birds like the swans and several variations of mergansers that make their brief stops to ply the chilly waters surrendered from the melting ice. Following those short-term visitors are the familiar seasonal residents comprised of ducks, geese, herons and our own squadron of aerial fishermen, the ospreys. I didn’t overlook the magnificent eagles, but they are happily with us year-round at Singletary. Now, I’m starting to see the small turtles out soaking up warmth from the ever more direct rays of the sun as we move towards summer, I can only think how fortunate we are to be able to live in this beautiful venue surrounded by such wonders of nature. 

While on the topic of nature, we were provided great conditions for our drawdown this past winter. The shallow bottom was fully exposed to hard freezing conditions before any insulating snow fell. Hopefully the freeze was able to thin out some of nature’s not so welcome interlopers, the non-native and nuisance weeds that try to envelop our shoreline waters. More recently the refill has progressed on track, thanks to Dave Rudge, who manages the lake level for the Town of Millbury. In case you were not aware, Millbury owns the water rights for Lake Singletary. 

With all that’s trending positive, the temperature, the reemergence of all the natural beauty around us in concert with a full lake, what more could we ask for? Not surprisingly, a lot of you have been asking for something else, information about our current lack of an operational boat ramp. As most of you know, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts owns the public boat ramp and operates it through the Division of Fisheries and Wildlife. Several years ago, the state developed a plan to rebuild and correct issues that had developed with the aging ramp. This past year the project was granted funding. I’ll start with the most obvious question on everyone’s mind. The Contractor’s Completion Deadline, a state term, is May 24th, 2019. In conversation with MassWildlife management, I was told they are anticipating a completion and reopening a week or two earlier. The project improvements will include a longer and deeper concrete underwater ramp. This is designed to eliminate the depression and resulting large mound created over every season from power loading. On the west side of the ramp there will be a floating dock to make launching and retrieval easier. A concrete sidewalk will be added from West Main Street to allow safer access to a new shoreline fishing area. Finally, the regraded parking lot will be paved. No additional parking spaces are being added, so the maximum daily usage will remain unchanged. I will keep you informed of the progress through our members email list. This a good time to make sure we have your correct email. 

As I said earlier, we are heading into our most active time on the lake. I hope to see all of you in and around the lake or at one of our upcoming association events. Let’s all work together to make this another happy and especially safe year for Lake Singletary. Thanks to the work of our board, the member volunteers and your support, our association remains strong. 

See you on the lake soon, 

Paul Kawolis