Welcome to Lake Singletary Watershed Association

Spring is upon us, a time when our thoughts naturally run towards the rapidly approaching summer. Our course is set for the most active and social season on our lake. 

But ironically, as I write this message, most of us are experiencing the lowest period of activity and social engagement of our lifetime. It is the price we willingly pay to keep our families, friends and everyone healthy and curb the current invasion of the COVID-19 pandemic. This has changed everyone’s behavior, and my wife, Mona and I have certainly not been unscathed. Many of you know that cooking is not listed on our resume. With the restaurant closures, we have been attempting to master the art of microwave cooking. Some of our friends, fearing we may perish from starvation, have brought home cooked meals to us. They obviously underestimated our reheating prowess. I relate this anecdote to illustrate two things we’ve all seen. The resiliency and innovation we are witnessing along with the kindness and generosity of our fellow Americans. In a time of crisis, the rally against a common foe can bring out the best in all of us.

The coming warmth is somewhat chilled by our current reality.  As a nation built on strong beliefs and determination towards building a brighter future, we all know better times are coming soon. Speaking of better times ahead, the lake refill started off on the slow side, but “April showers” have begun, and along with “May flowers” are providing an encouraging refill. With resolve, we are looking forward to returning to the American dream, knowing that these life changing times will soon come to pass. 

I’m looking forward to seeing all of you on and around the lake for another safe, happy, and healthy summer season. I expect that I am not alone in looking forward to this even more than usual. 

Together, we will all get through these challenging times.

Paul Kawolis 


Lake Singletary Watershed Association