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Invasive Species

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Lake Singletary Watershed Association’s “Invasive Species Control” program is designed to meet the association’s goals and objectives as documented in the "Singletary Lake Management Plan"as well as meeting Town (Order of Conditions), State, and Government requirements.

The goal of our “Invasive Species Control” program is to protect Lake Singletary’s ecosystem and surrounding environment from harm and destruction caused by invasive species.


Since it is nearly impossible to remove invasive species in their entirety, the objective is to focus on controlling the most dangerous invasive species found in our watershed.


Today LSWA implements 2 methods for controlling unwanted invasive species.
  • Chemical Control – By applying herbicides in late spring and early summer to kill off species during their most active season. This procedure can be costly.
  • Mechanical Control – By reducing the lakes water level (water drawdown) to expose the invasive species to the harsh winter environment. This procedure is the least expensive, providing you have the ability to control the level of your lake or pond.  LSWA also uses the Diver Assisted Suction Harvesting method (D.A.S.H.), and can be an expensive alternative.

  The Process

Our program is a simple three step process. First we identify what, why, and how the invasive intruder needs to be controlled. Second we determine/ implement the best method for controlling (treating) the species, and finally we monitor and manage its population.  

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