1995 – Lake Management Plan

LSWA Projects

Status: 100% Complete

Project Manager: Dick Norlin (508) 865-2581

In 1994-5 LSWA contracted with Fugro East, Inc. to complete the Singletary Lake Management Plan as recommended in the Diagnostic Study.

The plan was funded with a $10K grant from the DEM Small Lakes and Ponds Grant Program with required matching funds of $5K from the Town of Sutton and $5K raised by the LSWA.

This study identified management needs, analyzed management alternatives, and recommended a long-term management program.

Management objectives were defined as maintaining water clarity, preventing the spread of non-native aquatic plant species, maintaining fish habitat, and preventing bacterial contamination.

In order to slow down eutrophication it was determined that phosphorus loading to the lake needed to be reduced. Management options proposed included implementing a wastewater management program to reduce nutrient loading from septic systems. Another recommendation was to improve storm water management to reduce sedimentation and nutrient loading.

With that goal in mind, subsequent efforts have focused on the watershed, as well as continuing in-lake management of invasive non-native vegetation and algae, and volunteer water quality monitoring.