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Water Drawdown
       The Process
Our #1 goal is to reduce or eliminate unwanted nuisance exotic species such as Eurasian Water-milfoil, Variable Water-milfoil, Bladderwort, South American Waterweed, and Carolina Fanwort, all of which are susceptible to control by the winter drawdown process. Since their habitat is between 5 - 10 foot depths, Lake Singletary would have to achieve a 10’ drawdown to eliminate the entire population, and our current plan allows us to control a maximum of 50% of the unwanted species population.

LSWA’s objective is to start the drawdown process early enough (late summer/early fall) to allow the lake to reach the recommended lowest level. The table below illustrates the ideal parameters for achieving our objective. However, due to Mother Nature, these ideal settings may need to be adjusted (+/-) in order to meet the objective.
Ideal Setting
Start Drawdown (open dam)
October 15th
Drawdown Rate
1.0 inches per day
Drawdown Level
Specified in Order of Conditions
Complete Drawdown
December 31st

The Process