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1991 - Lake Singletary Diagnostic Study
Status: 100% Complete
Project Manager: Dick Norlin (508) 865-2581
In the mid-1980’s LSWA obtained state funding under the Massachusetts Clean Lakes Program to begin a water quality study. Under this program, lake associations could apply for grants to complete water quality improvement projects.
In 1984 State agencies began collecting water quality data for the Lake Singletary watershed.
In 1988 Clean Lakes Program funding and work on the study stopped.
In 1989 Members of the Association raised the necessary funds from our membership to complete the diagnostic study. LSWA contracted with IEP, Inc. to complete the Diagnostic Study of Singletary Lake, completed in January 1991.
The most important aspects of the study were identifying the primary sources of nutrients for Lake Singletary and proposing objectives for a subsequent Lake Management Plan to provide a long-term strategy to protect Lake Singletary’s water quality.