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The Annual Winter Lake Draw Down process has begun.  Click here for more information on our annual drawdown.
Rays True Value carries 0 phosphorus fertilizer. Please use that for your lawns this spring!Rays True Value carries 0 phosphorus fertilizer. Please use that for your lawns this spring!
Last update - 10/28/2015
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Sutton Deputy Fire Chief Jim Galanos and the Sutton Fire/Rescue team practice emergency boating rescues on Lake Singletary.
Welcome To The Lake Singletary Watershed Association
After enduring a seemingly endless winter, I think we all welcomed the warmth and sunshine of summer. This past winter and summer stood juxtaposed, as a study in extreme contrast. Winter was characterized by bitter cold and copious amounts of precipitation, while summer proved to be diametrically opposed in terms of temperature and days of sunshine. 

As we began our ‘Endless Summer’ and prepared for the promise of ‘Fun, Fun, Fun’ it wasn’t all ‘Good Vibrations’. The drier than normal, approaching drought, conditions in our area provided a challenge to filling our lake this year. Thankfully, in the end it was ’Don’t Worry Baby’ even without any help from ‘Rhonda’. We received just enough moisture to bring the lake close to our target fill level ‘All Summer Long’. I hope everyone had the chance to ‘Catch A Wave’ or two during that great stretch of weather. All I can say is, I wish they all could be Singletary Summers…like the one we just had!
In our ongoing battle with non-native invasive weeds, we were able to use the herbicide Clipper, (Flumioxazin), for the second year. Clipper was only approved for use in Massachusetts last year, and has proven very effective in controlling Fanwort in our lake. We continue to use Reward, (Diquat Dibromide) to treat areas of Eurasian Watermilfoil infestation. This targeted approach, aimed at our two most prolific non-native weed species, has proven to be very effective. In contrast to many area lakes, we did not have to treat this year for algae. The lack of an algae bloom for the second year in a row, is a testament to the water quality of Lake Singletary. 

While on the topic of water quality, I would be remiss in reporting that earlier this year, Dick and Karen Norlin decided to leave the board after several decades of volunteering their services to the association. Among their many achievements, they pioneered our water testing program. Their departure left a void, and they have graciously eased the transition as they continue to educate the new members of the Scientific and Technical Committee on water sampling and testing procedures. I want to thank them for all their contributions, and will personally miss their enthusiasm and conviction.
Following on this year’s success in securing municipal funding, we have initiated discussions with our local state senators and representatives to explore the possibility of inclusion in the state budget for the upcoming fiscal year. We are encouraged by the preliminary conversations. 

Overall, I am pleased to communicate that our association remains strong, and the quality of our lake continues to set the high standard for central Massachusetts. The ongoing work of the board and tremendous support of all the membership combine to make all our accomplishments possible. It is the efforts and support of every member of our association that ensure Lake Singletary remains a great place to call home!

You may have guessed from the title of this article that I am not winter’s biggest fan, but I’ll try to make the best of it. I will endeavor to take advantage of the unique opportunities that winter on our lake provides. Yes, I will definitely miss ‘The Warmth of the Sun’ but I won’t just stay ‘In My Room’. I’ll make sure that ‘I Get Around’ though I will probably be dreaming of the next ‘Endless Summer’. 
Paul Kawolis, LSWA President

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What's New
Last update - 10/28/2015
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