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Sutton Deputy Fire Chief Jim Galanos and the Sutton Fire/Rescue team practice emergency boating rescues on Lake Singletary.
Welcome To The Lake Singletary Watershed Association

Any of you that have taken the time to read my column in the past, know that I approach the upcoming winter season with more than average disdain. I generally start my Fall/Winter message with something like this:

‘Here we are steaming full speed ahead towards another cold and dark season of winter. Glancing off the stern, I am able to reflect on the incredible summer we just cruised through.’

Well, this time I have vowed to forego my usual winter pessimism and embrace a more positive outlook. But like your mother told you, if you can’t say anything good just don’t say anything. Unable to personally portray a compelling argument for the great virtues of the winter, I have instead decided to give some random thoughts on things that have happened on and around Lake Singletary since my last message.

Overall, I am pleased to report that your association remains strong and the quality of our lake continues to set the high standard for central Massachusetts. The ongoing work of the board and the tremendous support of all of you combine to make our accomplishments possible. It is this effort and support of every member of the Lake Singletary Watershed Association that will ensure Lake Singletary remains a great place to call home.

There are currently two proposed state projects that involve our lake. The largest project, proposed by the Massachusetts Department of Fish and Game, is entitled Merrill Pond Wildlife Management Area Dam Removal and Rehabilitation Projects. Since the Merrill Pond System carries the majority of water flowing into our lake, we have been monitoring this closely. The proposal includes partial or complete removal of Arnold Pond dam, Schoolhouse Pond dam, Putnam Pond dam and Welch Pond dam. For a more detail description of the proposed work, go to the LSWA website and click on the ‘Documents’ tab, then link 15642.

The other project is an upgrade to the state boat ramp, which will include improvements to the parking lot and site drainage. The biggest change will be the replacement of the existing concrete ramp with a new one which will be more than double the length into the water. This will allow for easier use in low water conditions.

Both of these projects are currently awaiting state funding, putting them on indefinite hold.

This past summer, we were once again treated to a variety of wildlife around our lake. In addition to the everyday finned, furry or feathered ‘residents’, we were treated to frequent sightings of the magnificent bald eagles. Spring and fall migratory visitors included the usual stops by swans, buffleheads and the occasional loon. Some of you may have seen the visits of something new to the lake in the form of a motorized Orca. The black and white killer whale boat was spotted swimming, diving and even jumping out of the water. This mechanized mammal was actually a Seabreacher.

Even though I’m known to be a downer on winter, I do hope we get some good ice this winter for the unique recreational opportunities it affords. But in my heart, I’ll still long for the sunshine of spring to warm the air for water activities.

Paul Kawolis 
LSWA President

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