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 Saturday, October 14th
Last update - 10/28/2015
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Sutton Deputy Fire Chief Jim Galanos and the Sutton Fire/Rescue team practice emergency boating rescues on Lake Singletary.
Welcome To The Lake Singletary Watershed Association

Once again we find ourselves passing through the coldest segment of our annual voyage through the tumultuous ocean of the seasons. Like a ship with its rudder lashed only to port or starboard, we sail in a perpetual great circle. Our continual route transports us to four distinct ports of call we know as the New England seasons. Those of us fortunate enough to enjoy this journey from our ‘staterooms’ overlooking Lake Singletary, have a first class vista of the special charm each season offers. We experience the re-emergence of spring as we sail towards summer’s warm glow. We cruise onward through nature’s vibrant palette of colors in fall, and then dodge the icebergs into winter’s wonderland. This may sound like a mundane cruise with the same four stops each year. But in reality, the familiar ports offer us new and unique challenges and activities with every visit. Boredom is seldom a problem when cruising aboard the SS Singletary. We all have our favorite destinations along the route. I prefer the warmer regions but still appreciate and enjoy the variety of options afforded throughout the annual trek.

     When you step off the gangway this winter, be careful on the ice. Our frozen lake, while providing for winter enjoyment, also presents seasonal dangers as it freezes and thaws unevenly. Many areas of the lake, especially the shallow protected coves, tend to be safe earlier in the season. Some areas will continue to be unsafe, possibly for the entire winter. It is important to review ice safety with children and those adults that continue to act like children. Also pay special attention to your pets that may venture out on the ice before it’s not uniformly safe while forming and at the end of the season when the ice degrades from below.

     Hazards aside, try to embrace and enjoy the exclusive opportunities that our winter offers. Even if you’re not the alpine outdoor type, enjoy the beautiful panorama through the porthole of your cozy stateroom.  

     I am pleased to report that our association remains strong. During the past year, our association hosted another series of successful events. In April, we kicked off the year by tidying up the area with a record number of volunteers at the Earth Day Cleanup. In May, we enjoyed another fabulous social gathering of our members at the Spring Wing Ding. At our own annual ‘chain of lights’, we lit up Lake Singletary with the Fourth of July Boat Parade, and at the conclusion we were treated to an amazing aerial light show. Our annual membership meeting went off without a hitch in August, but later that month our Rafting Party was cut short by Mother Nature’s fireworks in the form of a severe thunderstorm. Our official events calendar wrapped up in October with the 3rd Annual LSWA Golf Tournament with fun competition and great food at Blackstone National.

     In addition to our association’s events, Lake Singletary hosted 19 sanctioned fishing tournaments and the water portions of 3 athletic competitions. The Town of Sutton continues to expand programs utilizing its lake access at Marion’s Camp. Speaking of Sutton, I want to thank the town officials that annually agree to provide financial support to our association. Money we receive from the town helps defray a portion of our expenditures used to maintain the water quality of our lake.

     The success our association enjoys is a result of the year round efforts of the board of directors, individual volunteers and all of you that support the Lake Singletary Watershed Association through your membership and donations.

     On a sad note, we recently lost two people that played a large part in our continued success. Each of these dedicated individuals devoted over 30 years of their life to the association serving on the board of directors. In September, we lost Dick Norlin, a past president and continual board member. I met Dick when I was 6 years old, and he was one of the ‘older’ kids at the advanced age of 10. Dick lived on Lake Singletary and was my early mentor of all things related to the lake; swimming, diving, fishing, motor boating and sailing. I have to admit that we had limited success trying to master the sailing part in Dick’s leaky wooden sailing pram. We couldn’t always point it in the direction we wanted to go, but we had a lot of fun trying. Dick, as most of you know, went on to spearhead many accomplishments during his tenure on the board. Most recently, in December we lost Mike Salem. Mike was also a champion of protecting and continually improving our lake for the over 30 years he served on the association’s board of directors. Compared to Dick, I met Mike considerably later in life, almost 18 years ago when we moved to the lake. Mike and his family were among the first to greet us as we became neighbors living on the same small cove. At that time Mike was already going into his second decade as a director of the LSWA. I will personally miss both of them and always feel honored to have had the opportunity to serve alongside each of them. I know that all of you will miss them, some personally, but all for their part in the work that made our lake a better place to call home.

     And finally, back to our continual voyage. We have once again arrived at winter, and if like me, this is not your favorite stop, don’t despair. The ship hasn’t stopped, the rudder is still hard over and spring is the next port of call on our itinerary. 

Have a happy, healthy and safe passage.

Paul Kawolis

LSWA President

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What's New

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