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Annual Wing Ding Date Change - The date for the Wing Ding is 5/1/2015 at the Dudley Gendron Post.
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Last update - 4/28/2015
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Welcome To The Lake Singletary Watershed Association
It seems a short time has passed since I wrote “The long cold winter is finally passing off our stern…”, yet here we are steaming full speed ahead towards another cold and dark season of winter. Glancing off the stern from our present position, I am able to reflect on the incredible summer. We were fortunate to have beautiful weather. The summer has slipped over the horizon, not to be encountered again until we make the arduous circumnavigation through the season of icebergs and emerge into the warmer waters of next spring. I am once again reminded that unfortunately we do not enjoy the ‘endless summer’ the Beach Boys crooned about. I confess, I’m a warm weather guy; although I know many of you look forward to the unique opportunities our New England winters offer. In that spirit, I will once again endeavor to embrace the beauty and even some of the outdoor adventures this coming season offers.  

On a seemingly parallel course with the sunny summer weather, our lake enjoyed a bright season with clear sailing on many fronts. This year Massachusetts finally approved the use of Clipper, the first herbicide that is effective in localized treatment of Fanwort. This non-native invasive weed that has proliferated in our lake in recent years. Prior to the approval of Clipper there were only two options for controlling Fanwort. The first was hand pulling, which we tried for several years, but our lake’s infestation proved far too extensive for this to be effective. The only other alternative, a whole-lake treatment was well beyond our budget, as we were quoted a price in excess of $250,000 for the chemical alone, not including application. We were also warned that the whole-lake treatment would have to be repeated in three years. Adding Clipper this year increased our treatment costs to the $30,000 range. I think everyone would agree that the results were clear, pun intended!  After our treatment, many residents commented that they never remembered having better overall water quality than we enjoyed this summer.   It was also the first time in many years that we did not have to treat the lake for an algae bloom, saving us approximately $5,000. Overall, our programs for water quality and invasive weed mitigation proved to be successful.
We all appreciate living on a beautiful lake like Singletary, but the real reward comes from taking advantage of the social and recreational opportunities it affords. With this in mind, we were fortunate to have another string of tremendous social and special events throughout the season. Kicking off the year, while being good stewards of the lakeshore we had a great turnout for The Earth Day Clean Up, followed by the always fun Spring Wing Ding, the dazzling Fourth of July Boat Parade, and The Summer Rafting Party. All of these traditional events went off without a hitch, with the exception of the Rafting Party, which due to one of the few days with less than beautiful weather, was postponed to the following weekend in the form of a wonderful impromptu rafting.

This year we added a new event for the fall season. Our new annual Lake Singletary Golf Tournament was held at The Blackstone National Golf Club. This fundraiser was conceived and headed up by Rose Direnzo, chair of the LSWA Fundraising Committee. The nine and dine format turned out to be a great success in fun and fundraising. I’ll be working to improve my short game on the mini-golf circuit in anticipation of next year’s event.

At the board level, we had some changes at the officer and chair positions. Bob LeClaire decided to step down from the office of Treasurer.  He held that seat for our association since its inception in 1982.  He will continue to serve on the board. What a run, thank you Bob! After 32 years, John Charest was elected as our association’s second Treasurer. This year will also mark the ‘retirement’ of our current Vice President, Tony Halpin.  Tony has also served for eleven years as chairman of the Membership Committee. We talked Tony out of this plan two years ago, but he wants to spend more time traveling and enjoying retirement with his lovely wife, Elaine. Tony’s hard work has yielded incredible results in our association’s membership roster. Thank you Tony, and best wishes. Due to the close relationship between the responsibilities of the Treasurer and Membership chair, John Charest, with minimal coercion, has agreed to serve in both roles. That’s two for the price of one. Sharie Grant, our Newsletter chair, has stepped down from the editor-in-chief post due to other commitments.  She continues to serve on the board. Thanks Sharie for all those wonderful newsletters! Starting with this issue, Diane Greenlaw has graciously accepted our request to coordinate and produce the Singletary Sun. Thank you to all who served in the  past and to those who have agreed to take on these positions going forward.

Our association and Lake Singletary continue to be in good health, thanks to all of you who provide support toward the goal of keeping our lake a great place to live.

Have a happy and healthy holiday season.
Paul Kawolis, LSWA President

What's New
What's New
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Practice Makes Perfect
Sutton Deputy Fire Chief Jim Galanos and the Sutton Fire/Rescue team practice emergency boating resques on Lake Singletary.